Dear Sandra,

I can’t believe it’s been over a year and a half where the ABC Supply regional office in Morrisville, NC has been receiving housekeeping services by your company and staff.

When I first started working here a little over 2 years ago our housekeeping service was less than acceptable. It was just awful coming to work and seeing that their crew did not properly clean or refresh our office. After several months, I made a recommendation, based on our history, that The Solution Service might be the perfect company to manage our housekeeping needs. I could not have been more right about recommending you.

Ever since you arrived on property our offices are consistently clean and fresh every morning we come to work. Your weekly walk through ensures that if there’s something that needs to be taken care of, you will alert your staff and handle it immediately, often with same day service. You’ve also connected so well with the associates through the building-we consider you part of our team.

Words cannot express how much everyone likes Domingo. What a terrific guy! He comes into the office a little after 5:00pm every day and is friendly and pleasant as he begins his housekeeping. Those of us who usually work until after 5:00pm have enjoyed getting to know him. His dedication to cleaning our offices is outstanding. He really takes pride in his work, has a strong work ethic and there is never a problem. He’s always willing to do whatever he can to keep our offices clean and respond to requests. We really enjoy seeing Domingo and, he too, has become part of the ABC Supply family.

Sandra, having this time to get to know you and Julio better is a joy. I’m glad we get to chat a little once a week too. I look forward to working with you and your excellent service in 2016 and beyond!


Annette Z., CMP, CMM

ABC Supply Co Inc



I have had the pleasure of working closely with you this past year and it has been an experience of outstanding Customer Service, meeting and exceeding the expectations of myself and our internal Stiefel customers.

I have enjoyed working with your company because of the level of professionalism and sense of urgency that you place on all of our requests. The level of knowledge and experience that you and your staff uphold has been second to none. You have made my job so much easier by maintaining the facility the cleanest it has ever been and your employees are happy and they constantly respond to our every need.

That says something about the values your company has and how you treat your employees which I so very much appreciate. When difficult situations have surfaced I have found that you seek answers that benefit all involved with incredible posture and focus on the positives.

You and your team are always willing to work with me until he job is finished, even after hours. There have been many times I’ve sent Sandra a text or an email long after 5 pm and she’s still answered it promptly and courteously never mentioning the time. In my eyes, she emulates success which is not who works the longest, but who works the smartest. I am so very happy that your company is the one that is partnered with Stiefel as you have shown that you are able to not only deliver but exceed all of our expectations.

Thank You for all your hard work and outstanding level of service. Let’s not leave out the quality that is delivered by you and your staff.

Professionally Yours,

O. Gomez

Stiefel, a GlaxoSmithKline company”


“I have been extremely impressed with the professional demeanor of the owners of The Solution Service and their employees. [St. Michael School] is a building that endures a lot of wear and tear… it is a challenging assignment to maintain the building throughout the day and then to refurbish everything each evening. However, The Solution Service has completed this task both economically and efficiently. I certainly would welcome you to come to our building to see the work of The Solution Service first hand.”

– Dr. Sarah W., affiliate of St. Michael the Archangel Catholic School


“After careful consideration and recommendations, [The Herald-Sun Newspaper] contracted the The Solution Service to provide housekeeping for our facility. I can honestly say that we made the right choice. The Solution Service has provided us with excellent service. Since we operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week, they have worked around our schedule to perform their duties when they will be least disruptive to business operations. There was considerable work to be done… but it did not take them long to have everything in good shape. Sandra and Julio are always available to answer any questions and drop by frequently to make sure everything is as it should be. We recommend them… without reservation.”

– Ms. Linda B & Mr. Chuck F., Herald-Sun